Hello – and thank you for visiting my site to learn more about me and my work coaching undergraduate students, work that means a lot to me.

My name is Tina and I am passionate about people – I love helping people figure out what they are passionate about and I connects them to opportunities, resources and others, so they can find meaning in their lives and live out their own goals, dreams, and curiosities.

I’ve been committed to empowering undergrads in maximizing their undergraduates experiences and preparing for life after graduation for the past ten years. I was (and continue to be) involved quite heavily at the University of Michigan, my alma matter. I remember being invited almost weekly to deliver the networking lecture for the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), leading lectures for the Center for Educational Outreach (CEO) and I continue to help individual students and student groups with various professional development workshops and seminars. Nothing gives me greater joy than guiding students towards success and in developing their confidence in themselves.

Supporting and coaching undergrads is important work and I am committed to this work because students need structure, support and direction to be best prepared for life after graduation. I don’t believe in telling students what to do. I believe in empowering students and giving them support to figure things out for themselves.

Universities have a lot of resources for students but that doesn’t mean that students know how to best take advantage of these opportunities. I graduated from a world-class institution, had numerous real world experiences (internships, research, study abroad, etc), and a great GPA but I still didn’t have a job after graduation. And not for lack of effort. I also remember applying for over 20 internships when I was pursuing a semester in DC – my response rate? Zero. This is happening to today’s students too.

I learned from my own experiences much later than I would have liked. I invested time in getting to know others and I learned from their stories and experiences as well. I learned about authenticity. I learned to pursue my curiosity. And I learned to ask others for help in getting where I wanted to go because people do really want to help. (Of course, I also learned to be clear with my ask.)

Three years ago, I started teaching a networking course in the Program in International and Comparative Studies at the University of Michigan. I had a chance to formally impact the lives of 20-30 students every semester. My students, often times, think that networking is a dirty word but by the end of class, they love networking. They also work on their personal brands, their resumes, LinkedIn profiles – and we even experience a business etiquette dinner so they’re ready for any type of interview. Teaching is my favorite thing to do and I’m honored that my class gives students direction when it comes to their professional development. There’s no greater joy for a teacher than knowing that you’ve made an impact on a student’s life, no matter how small. I’m stealing the words of my friend’s dad but just like him, “I have chalkdust in the sleeves of my soul.”

I started Prepared Grads because I want to impact even more students, locally and globally. I want to provide support to students directly through 1:1 coaching and I want to be an additional resource for colleges and universities by providing workshops and seminars on various topics. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve more students as they work to maximize their undergraduate experience and prepare for their journey post-graduation.

Prepared Grads is my joy work.I also serve as the Chief Development Officer at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, my local hospital. Previously, I served as the Director of International Giving and Engagement at the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) at the University of Michigan, spearheading the College’s fundraising efforts outside of the United States. I have also worked for the US Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine, the United States Mission to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, the Club de Madrid in Madrid, Spain and for the State Department (Main State) in Washington, D.C. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, a master’s degree in Public Policy, and a master’s degree in Higher Education – all from the University of Michigan.

Please contact me if I may be able to help you in discovering or living your purpose.

Email Tina.

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