Dear Students,

College can be overwhelming. I get it. I remember being in your shoes. Despite doing all the “right things” – I remember applying endlessly for internship opportunities and getting zero offers. I remember graduating with no job offer. And, I remember not getting into law school.

I learned from my experiences, but I learned years way after I graduated from college. I learned through trial and error.

In the past 10 years, I’ve been helping undergraduates avoid the difficulties I myself faced an undergraduate students. I teach a networking class at the University of Michigan and I help students like you with 1:1 coaching.

Iprovide personalized one-on-one support for students who need help discovering their purpose. Through this work together, I coach and help students like you to getting to live your purpose faster through experiences on campus and by finding the right first job for you.

My services are catered to meet your specific needs. I leverage my arsenal of resources and connections to help with any (or all) of the following:

  • Curiosity exploration and purpose discovery
  • Self-assessment plans
  • Mapping an undergraduate action plan
  • Picking a major and minor
  • Leveraging engaged learning opportunities
  • Personal Brand articulation/elevator pitch
  • Career exploration and decision-making
  • Writing a Resume and Cover Letter
  • Finding an Internship and/or Job
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Accepting an offer/salary negotiation
  • Finding mentors/sponsors
  • Exploring graduate school and fellowship opportunities
  • Navigating a new job (for recent grads and new hires)

There are two ways we support students:

click reference Flash coaching: Typically a one session service, flash coaching supports a student’s specific professional development need such as building a resume, sharpening their elevator pitch or preparing for an interview. Flash coaching can also be used to respond to a specific problem, issue or challenge to help students get unstuck and back to living their purpose.

navigate to this site Concierge support:This service is for students who seek on-going advising and coaching support. A one-year commitment will include programming that allows students to explore their curiosity and articulate their purpose, and by creating an undergraduate road map to personal and professional success.

Need help? Connect with me to learn how we can get started to building your roadmap to success.


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