We seek to maximize students’ undergraduate experiences and prepare them for life post-graduation. This is what some of the students we’ve helped had to say about the impact we’ve had in their personal and professional growth.

  • The elevator pitch Tina helped me developed have helped me get an official interview and job offer! – Olivia S.
  • Tina taught me how to network strategically. I networked my way into an internship on Capitol Hill this summer. – Becca P.
  • I used Tina’s advice on interviewing, and did so well that I received a job offer. I never would have been able to do that without her help. – Tara B.
  • Using Tina's networking tactics has allowed me to lock down new business partners and expand my responsibilities within my job. -Jonah D.
  • The skills I learned from Tina helped me get my internship last summer in Germany. I connected with someone at the UNHCR and was very persistent in inquiring about an internship there - something I never would have done before working with Tina. In the end, I couldn't get a placement there - but the recruiter was so impressed that he referred me to a colleague at the European Centre for Minority Issues, and I spent the entire summer researching there. – Liz B.
  • I applied the lessons I learned from Tina on networking. As a result, I received 10 interviews this semester. I ended up accepting an offer for an internship in Human Resources Operations with the Related Companies in New York City for this summer. I have established strong contacts across the board so when I recruit for full time in the fall, I will have the knowledge and experience to get what I want for a full-time job. – Sinead C.
  • Rather than applying for a job through the normally pathway, I sent an email to the hiring manager, explaining how I could help her in her mission. Knowing the hiring manager (my audience) and presenting to her how I could be helpful (despite needing to take half the summer off), helped me secure the job! Thanks, Tina, for your mentorship. – Laura H.
  • Learning to have confidence in my dreams and not being afraid to share my passion has been the main thing Tina taught me. Results? Creating genuine relationships and living my purpose. -Clary B.
  • After learning from Tina about informational interviews and networking I decided to get out of my comfort zone and I reached out to people in Chicago who work in the field I am interested in. This resulted in my traveling to Chicago for two days, meeting with multiple people from five companies to learn about them and their careers. This resulted in very positive feedback with multiple firms asking to stay in contact because they would like to hire me if they have openings around my time of graduation. -Lindsey D.

Because of Tina's counseling and coaching, I was able to better articulate my own personal goals. As an undergraduate senior, I am still navigating the job search but know that I want to leverage my degrees to go to Spain once graduating. Tina helped me understand that  buy provigil not generic passion drives success. To focus on my passion of traveling to Spain and immersing myself in their culture before landing a full-time job has allowed me to better prepare and decide what I want to do before entering the full-time job market. Passion over everything! – Isabella J.

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