Giving back and supporting our community is core to who we are as a company. We volunteer our services in the community, offering free seminars and workshops on professional development-related topics. We also providing consulting services free-of-charge to students in need. As a company, we value diversity, access, equity and inclusion – and, we dedicate significant resources to supporting students who come from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds.

We also support the following organizations/funds and we invite for you to learn more about them:

  1. Quetiapine cash on delivery Program in International and Comparative Studies’ International Internship Fund at the University of Michigan– provides International Studies students with scholarship support to pursue international experiences [International experiences change lives]
  2. Albanian Community Summer Fellowship at the University of Michigan– provides scholarship support to students pursuing internships, research and other real-world experiences in Albanian and the region [this scholarship enables students to explore this region of the world while gaining new skills]
  3. Oakland Schools Education Foundation– maximizes learning opportunities for the 206,000+ students attending Oakland Schools in the state of Michigan [we prepare our students for personal and professional growth post K-12 education]
  4. Gjergj Kastrioti Scholarship Fund- provides scholarship support to Albanian-American students pursuing four-year degrees in Michigan colleges and universities [this scholarship is empowering the leaders of tomorrow in the Albanian-American community in Michigan]
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